Clinic Transcription Services & Solutions

The Greatest Story Never Told.

We’re here to tell you what many companies don’t want you to know: EHR does not need to be a huge expense.

In fact, with MxSecure, it’s quite affordable. We’ve created one of the most successful, affordable Internet-based medical transcription services and electronic health record management systems available today.

MxSecure offers family medicine practices, single specialty and multi-specialty clinics and community health centers a practical, cost-effective and easy way to streamline transcriptions, manage documents and workflow, and more. Medical transcriptions are so much more than say it, scribble it, convert it and have someone put it in a file. They’re critical documents; the foundation of everything your office does, beginning at patient care and moving through to HIPAA compliance, billing and records.

With MxSecure's medical transcription services, physicians and approved support staff simply login for secure, easy access to patient records any time of day or night. Upload dictation in a few simple clicks. View or listen to medical transcriptions. Search and edit documents online, use electronic signatures, auto-fax to one or more locations.

We require no capital outlay and no long-term contracts. There’s no expensive software to buy or license. The software is crafted to enhance the way you already work, so you can step into electronic records in a matter of weeks, not months. Why wait any longer? With MxSecure's medical transcription services, you can stop being ruled by paperwork, and get back to the business of providing outstanding patient care.

Discover how our MxTranscribe EHR™ product can work for you.